Presensing For Men, A Method For Peace

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Workshop logistics: 

Join us for our live three day intensive workshop, October 24th-27th in Asheville, NC. All food and lodging accommodations are included in the full workshop price of $999. 

You will arrive Thursday evening to begin the introductory session at 6:00pm and the weekend will close on Sunday after breakfast by 11:00am 

Reserve your spot for $299 by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. 

Workshop Details:

This three day training teaches you the entire Presensing method and how to successfully heal consistently occurring challenges in the body and mind, such as stress, limiting thought systems, fatigue, poor sleep, and a host of other challenges. You will learn the science behind this system’s deep and powerful change. 

Clients who apply this method move from a life of:

limitation, exhaustion, low energy, low mood, poor motivation, lack of inspiration and joy for life, excessive weight gain, poor sleep, high blood pressure, sciatica, physical aches and pains

To a life of

Among many changes: a natural feeling of peace, joy, a love for living and for those in their lives, healing from physical pains and aches, tremendous resilience in the face of challenge, and most of all a deep sense of living in the present moment