Presensing For Men, A Method For Peace

Free Materials

Relaxation Meditation:

Relax your body and mind with this 15 minute meditation, your mind will not relax if your body believes it is operating in a state of threat. Remember, repetition and focus are key in Presensing. Enjoy! 

Guide: 5 Reasons Men Become Stuck In The Stress Cycle

Learn the five greatest contributors to the creation of the chronic stress cycle for men in their midlife.

Mending Your Heart Meditation:

Experience just how transformative releasing dense emotion (energy) from the heart can be in this 19 minute meditation. 

Dissolving Within Your Peace

Allow yourself to dissolve fully in the peace you always hold within. While peace gets lost in the midst of the chaos, you simply become aware of it bringing it back into existence. 

Releasing Heavy Emotion Meditation

Releasing heavy emotion (energy) from your body is actually incredibly easy and is essential to your physical and mental health. All thought patterns are charged by energy, surrender the energy and you surrender all the negative and fearful thoughts that go with it. 

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