Presensing For Men, A Method For Peace

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Rewiring your nervous system for a lifetime of joy and presence in the moment.

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What is PRESENSing?

Presensing is a method largely rooted in the sciences of Neuroplasticity and research based meditation. The body-mind is highly malleable and can be rewired through preemptively sensing your future state of being, of experiencing, of living, and of feeling.

Your body carries 95% of your repetitious programming, this includes patterns of stress and anxiety, looping patterns of fear, worry, doubt, and reliance on the views and perceptions of others around you by which you unconsciously measure your value and quality of life. By closing your eyes and going within you are able to prematurely tap into this powerful mind, creating a new life by way of your inner senses. This occurs daily over an eight week period.

In order to change your outer world you must go within and change your inner state first. A fulfilling life is simply a habitual state of being that you must practice. Our three step Presensing method will move your nervous system out of survival mode and into a state of inner peace, joy, and fulfillment in the present moments that makeup your entire life.

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The 3 STEP presensing method

Clarity & Goals

Begin by understanding the man you wish to become. Is he present? Is he calm? Is he inspired by life? Upon gaining this clarity you can then decide which path you wish to follow

Your 8 Week Program

By listening to your meditations three times per day over an eight week period you are training your body preemptively to move out of a state of survival and into a state presence and joy


Your success in this program will be defined by two things. Repetition, ie your daily dedication to three meditations in a quiet and undistracted environment, and your participation in our program support and accountability.


Survival To Creation:

8 Week Intensive

Soul Meditation Archive:

Once Every 6 Weeks Offering

OUR ONLINE COURSEs and programs

Long-lasting change for your mental and spiritual health requires discipline and commitment. Using the science of energy and neuroplasticity, our programs and workshops were developed to address the root causes of your looping chronic stress patterns and negative thoughts. We are here to personally guide you with our daily accountability and support through the various stages of self-awareness and rewiring. So that you achieve mental clarity and freedom from living in survival mode.

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More on our methods

Presensing is a powerful wat to harnesses the mind’s ability to transform itself and the body through the elevation of your consciousness. This creates a calm and present state, as you are engaging the language of your body, feeling, and the language of your mind, thinking. Through the repetition of positive thought and feeling. By identifying the thinking-feeling loop you want to change and apply various modalities to rewire these loops within your nervous system.  

Our founder, Kathleen Reily is trained in Heart Math, NeuroChange Solutions, Positive Neuroplasticity, and Energy Psychology, she has years of experience in providing integrative coaching and using neurobiological science-based modalities. Kathleen and her team’s work encompasses energy psychology, heart-mind coherence, heart rate variability optimization, and creating mind-body.


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