I empower men in their midlife to step out of the roles they are playing for validation, and find their authentic selves while also increasing their income and impact by teaching my 3 step system.


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The midlife period can be marked by difficulties such as constant negative and anxious thought patterns. Usually concerning worries and regrets about the past, and fears around the future. When your mind is plagued by constant criticism, judgement, and fear you will be left in a kind of paralysis leading to disillusionment, and a lack of passion and youthful excitement. 

You may not relate to your mind as a team player right now, but with a few learned simple steps you can be the master of your own mind. By learning to train your negative and critical self into a kind of remission, you will finally build a powerful relationship with your core authentic self. When you combine forces with your true self, you become your own inner validator, at which point you will begin to experience massive shifts in your life. 

You will maximize your impact in the world, and increase your income as well. Your authentic self, will become your constant companion and will take you through the next period of your life. 

What do We Do: The Program

Why Positive Neuroplasticity and Why Kathleen?

I have been completed two certifications in coaching the principles and beyond of Positive Neuroplasticity. What is Positive Neuroplasticity? This approach is extremely effective and pretty simple, by identifying the emotional experiences you would rather be having, and recreating them over and over again they become automatic.

For example, I am struggling with a lack of excitement and disillusionment on a daily basis, the opposite experience of this is joy and excitement, therefore I would recreate these experiences in the mind over and over again until they become automatic. I have spent the last five years applying these principles to my life and experiencing massive shifts in my mindset. I have also been teaching this method to clients in my Knight Program for the last 18 months and have seen incredible shifts in my clients lives.

A client once described my Knight Program in the following way:

“Kathleen’s program is hard to put into words, because an all around transformation is hard to describe. I can start by saying that I have retrained my thoughts, and created a childlike mindset, I am worry free and much happier. I am reliving that experience as a child when I used to ride bikes, and felt that sense of safety, freedom, joy, and aliveness, when I used to feel life acutely. In most ways this is a happiness program, in the way that I was once happy like a child is happy”

The Process, What to Expect, The Outcome

1) Clarity and Goals: First we get very clear on your long term goals, mindset obstacles, and then pin point the core emotional experiences you want to have effortlessly on a daily basis.

2) Design Your 8 Week Program: At this point I will design your eight-week program, which is comprised of three custom audio assignments, which you will listen to daily.

3) Repetition: Building new lasting and automatic patterns in the brain requires discipline and repetition, just like learning a new language or musical instrument.

I work with accomplished male professionals who are in their midlife and feeling a sense of meaninglessness and responsibility to do the professional things that no one else will do.

Men who feel they are going through the motions, and that sense of purpose has begun to disappear. There’s a lack of feeling needed, and appreciated, and often work, home life, or both are a source of stress.

I use proven techniques from studies in neuroscience and brain plasticity:
1) Listen to three targeted and personally tailored daily audios
2) Track your progress daily
3) Commit to one weekly client-coach call


You should expect a 180 shift in your energy levels, and in your mental clarity and ability to experience fulfillment from the small things in each present moment. You will also experience a massive shift in the quality of your personal and professional relationships, your income, and your relationship with your core self. You will begin to experience life the way you once did when you were very young during your boyhood, carefree, liberated, excited, curious, and joyful. These emotional experiences can be retrained and often leave us for the most part as we get older. Finally, while this program does have a core focus, it will also be tailored specifically to your needs so that 180 shift will also be based on the changes you wish to experience by the end of our eight weeks together.

Understanding a bit more about the science of positive neuroplasticity…

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“I am feeling joy and happiness now for the first time in a long time, I have not had any lows since I started working with Kathleen, and I am now able to go with the flow of things. I am excited now about going out and spending time with people. I used to feel jumbled and my mood was up and down, I no longer feel heavy about life and expecting the worse all the time”. 

Marty Babineau

CEO, Boston MA