Presensing For Men, A Method For Peace

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Positive Neuroplasticity is a science-backed approach that harnesses the mind’s ability to transform itself and the body through the elevation of your consciousness. This creates a calm and present state as you are engaging the language of your body, feeling, and the language of your mind through the repetition of positive intention to hold a new experience. You are identifying the thinking-feeling loop that you want to change, and then applying various modalities to rewire these loops within your nervous system.


Our founder, Kathleen Reily, is trained in Heart Math, Positive Neuroplasticity, and Energy Psychology. She has years of experience providing integrative coaching and using neurobiological science-based modalities. Our team’s work spans but is not limited to energy psychology, heart-mind coherence, heart rate variability optimization, and positive Neuroplasticity.


Learn more about Positive Neuroplasticity and how I weave it into my programs. To apply for a program, simply click the link below to inquire about how you can join us.