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Higher Being

Intensive & Paced

The Higher Being Program takes you on a transformative journey to heal and rewire your inner self. As you transition from survival to living creatively, it’s time to focus on healing the base emotions and frequencies that have impacted you, such as guilt, shame, and fearful thought patterns. Through this program, you’ll rediscover your inherent wholeness and reclaim the magic of life.


Throughout your human experience, the world and people around you may have slowly corroded that magic, dampening your joy and limiting the love you could feel. Over time, your emotional state became fragmented, influenced by false beliefs like “you are not enough,” “your value is in your achievements,” or “you should be ashamed of yourself.” Recognize that this fragmented state stems from the shared fear of abandonment in the human experience. Understand that you are loved and accepted only when you conform to certain expectations.

The Higher Being Program is specifically designed to heal the base energies that harbor these limiting beliefs, enabling you to feel inwardly whole once more. This intensive program includes morning and evening meditations, along with micro-practices lasting just 30 seconds throughout your day. These tailored practices will support your transformative journey.


You will receive daily support and have 1:1 conversations with your dedicated guide throughout the program. Our expert team is committed to guiding you through this transformative process, providing the necessary support and guidance at every step of your journey.


Embark on this extraordinary path of self-healing and rewiring. Apply for the Higher Being Program (Intensive or Paced) today and unlock your innate potential for a life of wholeness, joy, and fulfillment.


Clarity & Goals

We begin by understanding the root cause of your chronic anxiety or stress.

Design Your 8 Week Program

Next, we use your personal experiences in life and weave them into your 8-week program so you may heal your chronic stress.


Your success in this program will be defined by repetition every day. By carving new neural pathways and strengthening them everyday you are rewiring your nervous system.

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